Saturday, February 6, 2010

Las Vegas Tri Club Duathlon

Hey Everyone our first club event is on March 7th out at Lake Mead. It will be located at the top of the hill, at the Boulder Beach picnic area. The event will have a 10:00 am start time, check in begins at 9:00 +/- a few minutes.

We have the duathalon early in the season when the water is cold that way even those that may not have a wet suit and the kids have a chance to get together and participate.

Barbecue to follow!! The post event barbeque is always fun and an opporutunity to meet fellow athletes and their families.

Distances will be 1 mile run 11 mile bike 3 mile run.
You must be a member to participate in the event.
Bring a volunteer with you and earn extra raffle tickets.

Monday, February 1, 2010

LV Tri Club Kick Off: Victor R

On January 23rd, The Las Vegas Triathlon Club held it's annual kick-off social. We all gathered at the O'Aces Bar and Grill for some great food, drink and company. It was a chance to see everyone in different garb, hard to recognize anyone without their helmets and tri gear. The turnout was fantastic, Dave counted over 100 members, far higher count that previous years. Awards were handed out to volunteers for their hard work and dedication as well as title sponsors.
We'd like to thank O'Aces Bar and Grill for their fine food, hospitality and loyalty. Also Robin Lobato, DDS for his sponsorship and commitment to the club through thick and thin.
The Club has chosen the San Diego International triathlon as its "A" race once more. For the last few years, the SD Int has been the choice event for the club, great venue, fantastic weather and one of the more picturesque run course I've ever seen! We all gather on Sat night at a local eatery and enjoy a good, hearty carbo dinner. This year, Dave has to find an establishment that can handle a few more, as I see it, we will have the biggest turnout yet! So, with that in mind, sign up as soon as possible, this event sells out every year. I had a blast chatting with everyone, let's do it again!!!.....................Victor

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

San Diego Tri - Club Event

The San Diego Triathlon is the only out-of-town major event that is on the club's calendar. As many of you know it is a great fun race. We get together for dinner on Saturday night and meet at the race finish to celebrate. We think is is a great weekend at a very reachable destination. The problem is the race fills up- registration has begun so get with it and have a great weekend in San Diego with us. The link is on the picture click on the guys photo to reach the registration site - don't wait!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Club Update 12-11-2009

Hello Club Members –

The date and location have been set for the Triathlon Club’s season opener party – January 23, 2010 at the O Aces bar/restaurant. The club will provide the food with a no host bar – you will receive an Evite soon on that. (or check out triguy's post on the message board

Sorry for the lack of communication recently. Our major effort over the last 30 days was to get the “join page” up and running. (we are almost there) That page required modification to handle a new club benefit with membership.

(Conceptual proof of last years jersey - 2010 will be the same with sponsor logo changes)
I don’t know if you were aware but the Board voted to provide every membership with a club cycling jersey. Yes that is right with every individual ($55) or family membership ($65) you will receive a Sugoi cycling jersey – pretty cool. We actually have to pay Sugoi approximately $50 per jersey. We have conserved the clubs funds and have received generous support from our club sponsors in the past and so we are in a position to do this. One of the important things that you will be responsible for is specifying your jersey size – if you have any concerns either try a Sugoi jersey on at a merchant or we will have some sizes available at the season opener party on January 23, 2010. We want to make you happy so please make sure you know your size. We will not be stocking gear to any extent this year – sign up by January 23, 2010 and we will make your jersey part of our first order. (If you want tri shorts, cycling shorts, or a racing top you must order them in advance as well – we are currently developing the procedures for that ).

We have tentative dates for all of the Club triathlons next year: March 7, 2010 - Duathlon (includes kids event); May 16, 2010 Sprint Triathlon (includes kids event); July 10, 2010 Sprint Triathlon (doesn’t not include kids event due to potential heat/health issues for them); October 3, 2010 Sprint Triathlon (includes kids event). All of our events are !!Free!! to all the membership - most events like this are $50-$90 per person - and don't feature Nick G - "The Voice of the Las Vegas Tri Club"

e-mail me with any questions or concerns – have a great holiday season!!

Dave Carlson
President Las Vegas Tri Club

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Silverman: by Dave C

I was a race official at the Silverman on race day so I got to see the race from a number of points of view. I don’t know everyone in the club now we have grown so much over the last couple of years but I recognize many, I was struck by how many club members were on the course as participants, volunteering as course workers directly for the race director and as volunteers at our aid station. Our community of triathletes and our club members are generous and engaged!!!

Our final club project was the aid station at the Silverman, which thanks to the efforts of many of you was a big success. Toni Repetti and Nick Gallager worked hard to get coverage for the station and kept things together on race day – thank you! We don’t do this at every race but not every race is an Ironman distance race that finishes in the dark and cold month of November. We are triathletes that understand and respect the punishment that these athletes are facing and I think that comes through as they approach our station hear their name and “what do you need”. Thanks everyone!!!

Dave Carlson
President Las Vegas Triathlon Club

Here is a list of aid station volunteers
Toni Repetti
Jim Rowe
Nick Gallagher
Tammy Silver
Dave Reichert
Susan Dreihaupt
Gail Parker
Genesis Layco
Keith Mitchell
Carol Kiland
Dave Carlson
Marge Addison
Bonnie McMillian
Curtis Ching
Dion Glenn
Lou Hillegass
Steve Wondel
Dria Preston
Tim Duffy
Cathy Duffy
Michele Brooks
Bonnie Parrish-Kell
Paul Chao
Sheila Garner
Sarah Knippel
Shane Bueno
Matt McDougall
Beau McDougall
Tom Farrar
Robert Baker
Monica Maccaux
Camthi Dao
Russ Gerard
Nancy Hancock

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Congratulations Pumpkinman Participants

Congratulations to all of our wonderful members that participated in the Pumpkinman - you are totally cool. On top of that look at the number of people that got on the podium. If we missed your name let me know.

Patrick Almeido
Jackie Arcana
Peggy Brennen
Patrick Burkhardt
Joe Carter
Vanessa Crocker
Kirsten Eddins
Reenie Griffin
Alise Haney
Edward Hoffman
James Huff
Brandie Koehler
Monica Maccaux
Rex Mitchell
Scott Petersen
Mauricio Prado
Coco Salah
Tammy Silver
Bob Swift
Tony Taylor
Cicely Valenti
Jay Watson